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What is vinyl plank flooring?

Long story short, Luxury vinyl plank flooring, also referred to as LVP, duplicates the look and feel of real hardwood for cheaper and adds benefits that you can’t find with wood flooring. These floors come in more colors, styles, and patterns to easily match your design aesthetic. They are very easy to install (DIY friendly) and require no maintenance.

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How to pick quality vinyl plank flooring

Luxury vinyl is made up of several layers, which include a high-definition, direct digital print that is backed up with PVC (waterproof material), and sealed under a protective clear coat.

The PVC material is what makes vinyl flooring a 100% waterproof. The structure and texture of vinyl flooring makes it the best slip-resistant flooring.

The scratch resistance and durability is determined by the thickness of the top clear coat, also referred to as the wear layer.

Tip: A .3mm or 12mil wear layer indicates a residential quality. A .5mm or 20 mil wear layer is commercial quality. You can pick between the two options based on your personal needs and how much traffic you’re anticipating on you new vinyl floors.

The common thickness of vinyl flooring ranges between 2mm to 8mm. The thickness does not determine the durability of the planks, unlike some believe, but it is an important factor to consider when choosing your floor.

Thickness in luxury vinyl generally determines how stable and comfortable the floor feels after installation.

Tip: Quality thickness includes 5.5mm, 6.5mm, 7mm, and 8mm. Go with a higher thickness, if you are looking for a sturdier floor with higher foot traffic.

WPC vs SPC Vinyl Flooring

WPC & SPC refer to the construction and core layer of the vinyl plank. WPC planks are made up of a wood plastic core, mostly known as RigidCore. SPC planks are made of a stone plastic core that’s even stronger than the WPC.

Vinyl planks made with WPC & SPC cores are considered high quality planks, unlike some of the vinyls that are made of cheaper plastic and nothing else. When picking a quality vinyl floor, you can determine which ones will be worth the price and last for more years than the cheaper alternatives.

The differences in performance between WPC and SPC:

  • WPC floors are thicker than SPC which means they will feel more comfortable under your feet after installation, especially when installed with an underlayment.
  • SPC is more durable when it comes to resisting scratches/damage, which makes it ideal for commercial use.
  • WPC performs better in terms of sound insulation. They are quieter floors because they tend to absorb sound.
About Vinyl - Prestige Flooring

Easy click-together installation

The ease of installation has definitely added to the popularity of luxury vinyls, especially among people looking for an easy DIY floor. Luxury vinyls offer the added benefit of click-together, floating installation (meaning no glue or nails are required).

The planks simply lock in place over any subfloor as long as the subfloor is considered to be in good condition, smooth, and clean. You can even pair vinyl flooring with radiant heating systems. Always check with your manufacturer for exact requirements.

Tip: Remember to pick up an underlayment to go underneath your luxury vinyl for several key benefits including that they help minimize the noise that can occur from a floating floor system, they hide subfloor imperfections, and add a moisture protection layer. The underlayment also makes it easier to walk on and absorbs pressure. All our vinyl planks come without an attached pad. Learn more about why underlayment is important for your luxury vinyl floors

About Vinyl - Prestige Flooring

What to expect from your luxury vinyl plank floors after installation?

You should expect durability from your luxury vinyl floors. That is, after all, the main benefit of this type of floor. Here are a few other benefits:

  • These versatile planks can withstand all moisture, temperature, and environmental constraints.
  • As mentioned above, luxury vinyl is a 100% waterproof, scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, fade-resistant, and anti-slip.
  • This floor absorb noise and doesn’t create a “hollow” feel.
  • It feels warm and comfortable under your feet.
  • It is considered the best flooring option for children, pets, and rentals.
  • It is very easy to clean and doesn’t need maintenance like other flooring options.

How to Clean Your Luxury Vinyl
Cleaning luxury vinyl is very easy. It doesn’t need any waxing, polishing, chemicals or any of the upkeep of natural wood flooring needs to keep its shine. Simply, sweep off dust or clean with a wet cloth or mop for a deeper clean to keep your new floors looking their best.

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