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I came in here with my wife after we have made a deal with the Roseville location for installation. We came to look at some of the options again to make a decision on what to go with. Michael was extremely helpful even though he Knew we are buying from their other location. I can’t say enough good things about this place. We have experienced amazing customer service from both locations. While Home Depot and Lowes have failed us with customer service. These guys have not. I don’t see why would anyone buy from Home Depot or Lowes When these guys give you a better price, knowledge, and Installation.

- S. V.

When you have any kind of work done on your house, you worry about it being done right, on time and within the quote that was given. We got all three with Prestige. They came out quickly to review the work needed, gave some great suggestions on material and how the flooring should be put in. It took them only 2.5 days to pull the rug, put in the laminate upstairs and downstairs and the did a great job of cleaning and hauling away to debris.
I give them 5 stars for the combined work from the manager to the workers who did a beautiful job!

- Steve B.

I was so happy to find this place by accident after going to lowes and being ignored it was nice to be met by a helpful man named Michael.

Michael knows his stuff, EXTREMELY FLEXIBLE IN WORKING WITH MY BUDGET which I really appreciate. From the homework I have done I couldn’t have gotten a better deal elsewhere. Especially since they are doing 50% off flooring right now for their grand opening. Score! And I love what I have picked out.

They have so many options. I couldn’t believe how much inventory they had and really beautiful flooring and in stock.

So I haven’t had my floor installed yet but so far I’m pretty fired up on this place! I really appreciate businesses like this.
I will update my review once my floor is in. Excited!

This is my updated review: my floors look absolutely incredible. I get compliments on them every day. The installer did an amazing job especially since my job is a little bit of a tricky one with uneven flooring and entryway. The transitions look perfect! My floors are what make my workspace (skincare practice) so beautiful.

I also just had a close friend get her floors done (by Prestige) in her new home and she is so thrilled with her floors as well. They look so great.

Thanks to Michael and his team for working with me and my girl, our budgets and for going above and beyond! Love!

- Ryan R.

From many reviews that I have written, this is a special one. There’s one thing about providing customer service, with the intent to make a sale, and another story when you know beforehand your time is basically “for nothing,” in today’s customer service world.

My husband Sam and I visited this store, after stopping by the Roseville location last week. We had such a great impression of Prestige Flooring based on selection and our treatment by the manager Earl.

We decided to have Earl and his team install our floors for our new home, yet we couldn’t decide on a wood, and the floor we liked was sold out. Hence why we stopped by this location to check out the selection.

We were warmly welcomed by the store manager Michael. We didn’t mention anything about stopping by the Roseville location at first. He gave us a lot of information on different floors, and was extremely helpful with anything we needed! After about 10min, my husband explained that we already made a deal with Earl for our floors, and Michael was very understanding. He STILL took care of us like we were paying customers. He went above and beyond and let us even take a couple of display samples of floors, for our convenience, since he had ran out of samples. He trusted us to bring them back of course, but we were shocked from this kind of gesture.

From being in the customer service for over a decade, and my husband having his own business, this kind of customer service is RARE these days! PLEASE PLEASE stop by this shop and support this business. Michael is incredible and the selection is amazing as well. Great deals and he will do his best to make you happy! Thanks Michael!!

- Nikki Z.

We were in the market for hardwood floors a couple of months ago and decided to stop by a few flooring stores for engineered hardwood samples. Mike who’s the store manager at the Folsom location helped us and I have to say he provided us with a top-quality service. We didn’t have a lot of knowledge going into his store but Mike took the time to walk us through different types of hardwood floors along with pros and cons of each of them, which helped us narrow down our choices. His store had a wide range of engineered hardwood floors. Mike was patient, he explained, listen to us and answered our questions. No sales pressure whatsoever. He picked out samples for us to take home and helped load them into our car. We went back a few times later for different engineered wood samples and each time he greeted us like we were his old friends and made us feel so comfortable.

We ended up liking the wood floor that his store didn’t carry. But, Mike reached out to the manufacturer, was able to get a great deal and we were able to purchase them through Mike. when I had to order two extra boxes during the installation, Mike immediately ordered the wood for us again and personally delivered them to my house during his lunchtime in pouring rain. Me and my wife are so impressed by and thankful for his exceptional service. I logged into yelp for the first time just to write this review. Mike is a true professional, he will go above and beyond to help you. Thank you, Mike. You are a true professional!

-Sun P.

After searching relentlessly at many flooring stores my husband and I became quite knowledgeable and now had a good idea of what we wanted. We were just about to close the deal elsewhere when we decided to take a look at Prestige in Folsom. We met Michael who was able to answer all our questions with honesty, he was very knowledgeable, professional and courteous. He never tried to oversell his product and never had a bad thing to say about a single competitor. He promised to give us a good price, a great product, and excellent service, and assured us that he would never take short cuts or compromise his integrity. His installers showed up and delivered on every promise.
Our expectations were exceeded in every way and we could not be happier with our new hardwood floors.
I can’t say enough good things about Michael or Prestige and I’m so very glad we stopped in that day!
-Sheila C.

We just had new flooring that we bought from Prestige installed and from beginning to end, it was a great experience. After shopping around and not finding what I wanted, our contractor pointed us here and with some help from a very knowledgeable salesperson (tall, polite gentleman), I found exactly what we wanted. They had it all in stock and it was immediately set aside to be picked up by my contractor (which he said was a very easy process). The price was great, less than we budgeted for, and we were very happy with the quality, as was our contractor. We will always come here from now on and I’ll definitely be recommending them to anyone who asks.
- Lori A.

Jessica was such a great assistant and helper in deciding what flooring to choose. She was determined to help us get exactly what we wanted and that’s how it turned out 🙂
- Angelina D.

Thank you Prestige. Over 800 feet and done all in one day.
- Chris L.

Really good customer service and a huge selection of flooring! Highly recommend 🙂
- Peter S.

I am a General Contractor (Brazil West Coast Builders)specializing in high-end millwork and finish. Quality flooring is key to any project. I do not but anywhere else period. Great product and fair prices. Customer service is fantastic.
- Chief B.

We were almost ready to give up our search for laminate flooring when we found Prestige flooring and popped inside to look at their samples. We were greeted by Jon who was friendly and encouraging without the agressive salesmanship we had encountered at a few other stores. He offered to come do a free estimate the same evening and was able to match our budget and our needs. The flooring we chose was not offered in any other store and it was perfect!
Ed and Nicoli did our demolition quickly and efficiently with minimal chaos. They were friendly, courteous and very considerate of our decreased living space during the installation process. They arrived promptly, worked well together, and cleaned their work area before leaving each day. Good sense of humor & fun to have around!
When the job was completed we received instructions on how to care for our new flooring, and Jon visited to do a final inspection. Thank you Prestige Flooring for a great experience!
- Rosa Y.

Jessica was such a great assistant and helper in deciding what flooring to choose. She was determined to help us get exactly what we wanted and that’s how it turned out 🙂
- Angelina

I purchased and had installed around 1,100 sq.ft of engineered hardwood from Prestige and everything went great. Earl at the Rancho Cordova location was able to beat anybody’s price for the floor we wanted and installation cost, and everything came in on time as he told us. The installers were scheduled almost a month out (my choice) and I didn’t think to call and check in since they were scheduled the day after new years. No problem, they showed up as scheduled without me reminding them and did a very neat job installing. The installation was done in TWO days, including all of the concrete slab prep and laying all of the flooring. Overall great experience and the best price I could find.
- Nathan S.

Installed new flooring in our new home. Mike helped us out and was amazing throughout the entire process. Any time I had questions he was there to answer. We received a few different quotes from competitors, one company came out and measured then never emailed an estimate! I’m looking at you S&G. In any case, if you are looking to replace some flooring I strongly recommend Prestige Flooring, and Mike in particular. Thanks Mike, we love our new floors!
- Oscar C.

Installed new flooring for our entire 2-story home (including the stairs). We went through Mike at the new store in Folsom. Mike was so helpful and patient. He took the time to really help me find what I was looking for at an affordable price. I returned 3 times within a week and received quotes from two other sources before making a decision. Prestige was by far the most affordable for the top quality flooring we wanted. The installers were amazing; they worked nonstop while only taking a 1-hour lunch. They were so detailed and customized different cuts to help the look of flow through the house. The Stair installer took 2.5 days alone; he was so detailed and the stairs are our favorite feature in our home. We will definitely be back in the future for our kitchen remodel.
- C. M.

I couldn’t be happier with the laminate floors that we got from Prestige Flooring. We found this place by accident after visiting many showrooms in the area. Prestige has a huge selection of flooring!! We opted to have the floors installed professionally vs DIY because the price we were offered was so affordable we were able to have them installed and still stay under budget. The floors turned out so beautiful we already have received multiple compliments and they have only been in a week. The manager John was excellent. Very helpful! Ultimately we are so happy we went with Prestige.
- Meg F.

Love this place! They have a great selection of flooring. Omar was very helpful and knowledgeable.
- Jena L.

We are very pleased with our new floor installation done by Victor, Alex, and Stan. The price was reasonable and fair. Anar answered my follow-up questions about how to maintain the quality of the floor. I’m also thankful to Omar for his initial set up of this project and for making sure everything went smoothly. This is a 2,000 sq ft. two-story house, and despite the rainy weather, everything was finished by the end of the fourth day. The entryway tile and all old carpet and padding were also removed and the baseboards were put back on throughout the house. Also, I would like to mention that we have a large fish tank that had to be moved back into place and since my son was at work, the guys were kind enough to move it back to resume their progress that day. Thank you!
- Deborah Y.

Our friends told us about Prestige Flooring. Emir was very helpful and helped us choose the material that we want. It was a smooth process from ordering to installation. There were no hidden fees. We chose the Italian tile and it took 3 days to install by two hardworking gentlemen. This included the removal of old carpets and tiles, about 500+ sq ft. They were very nice in answering our questions. The end result was amazing. They did a great job and we were very happy! It has been 4 months already since the installation and we’re still loving our new floors. If you’re looking for a great and trustworthy company, go and visit the Prestige Flooring. They always have specials and they have great choices of floorings. See the before and after photos.
- Donna C.

We are sooo happy with our new floor. Stan did an awesome job and was totally professional and meticulous in the installation. John did a fantastic job initially selling us and presenting options. We would strongly recommend Prestige Flooring if you’re looking for good value and quality!
- Manny G.

A good selection of flooring. Quality installation all coordinated by the store manager Omar Barragan, he made the process easy.
- Phyllis K.

My husband Sam and I and I walked in right before closing. This was our first time here, and we noticed right off the bat that there was a nice selection of different flooring and even backsplashes. After finishing with a customer, a gentleman named Earl, whom we presume to be the owner, came to help us out. He was very friendly and helpful. He was knowledgeable about flooring and he did not try to push anything down our throats.

There are sales on some items, and they are willing to work with you to fulfill your particular needs and what you’re looking for. There are German floors there, that are rare to find, and they display their product nicely. We kept Earl about 15 minutes past closing, and he did not seem mad, nor did he try and rush us. Definitely coming back and hope to support this business if we can!

Come by to check this place out, you won’t regret it!

- Nikki Z.

I love this flooring!! My husband and I decided we would look at this place after seeing hundreds of flooring. We were amazed by how many choices they had! The salesman was not pushy at all and showed us around. The prices were way less than some of the others we had looked at, but the quality seemed great! After reading reviews, we decided to go with their flooring and I couldn’t be happier! We’ve had the floors for almost a year and it has held up so nicely! If we ever move I will definitely be using them again.
- Ashley C.

Earl and his team at Prestige floors installed a beautiful laminate floor in my home last weekend. Sergei worked tirelessly to remove my old scratched up hardwood floors. He kept everything clean and did an awesome job. The next day the installation team came and worked relentlessly to finish the job. The floors are beautiful. I couldn’t be happier with the way they turned out. Very great prices too! I highly recommend Prestige Floors In Roseville/Rocklin!
- Gina Z.

Earl and his Team did a great job on our flooring replacement project. Their material price is competitive and the lowest that we’ve found. The quality of work is very professional. Each day before they leave, they made sure that our home is clean and tools are put away which we really appreciate. More importantly, my wife’s very happy with our new floors.
- Peter C.

This place is fantastic! Many floor options to choose from! Customer service is amazing and they are so helpful and willing to make whatever accommodations to get the job done!!!
- Amberley G.

We shopped for flooring for weeks, trying to decide on Laminate or hardwood. Looked at more stores than I can remember. it was exhausting. Lucky for us Prestige had just opened and was set up so that everything was very easy to look at and numerous floor samples were laid out on the showroom floor. After three visits there, we finally decided on one of the laminates from Germany. the quality was so much nicer than what we had seen at all of the other stores, and the price was comparable to the lower quality products. We felt supported but never pressured which is appreciated when you are as uncertain as i was. I love my floor and recommend working with Daniel at Prestige to anyone looking for flooring.
- Maria W.

Best quote and price we’ve chosen. Their price is negotiable with great products. Alex and Ernest were helpful and easy to work with.
Their team works very hard on meeting our timeline. They even work on weekends and long hours.
Great for last-minute upgrades on selling a house.
We often recommend Prestige to our family and friends.
Thank you team Prestige Flooring in Fairfield!
- MsMren P.

I was referred by family who had their flooring done by Prestige. I needed my whole house done, the work is large in comparison to others. Ernest, was very informative in helping me choose the right flooring. We went with a lux vinyl floor planks. I can’t say enough how beautiful it all turned out. The job took 3 days. The guys who came in worked hard with the demo, and the installation of the flooring product. They are not short of demo and installation crew. They were friendly and Ernest was easily reachable for any issues. Overall, great experience. Please know that with installs of flooring there will be a mess, but the workers were professionals and did there best to clean. Also, they were very affordable in comparison to 3 quotes we received.
- Leen D.

I just wanted to give an A+ to Prestige Flooring and their store manager, Ernest. Just had my upstairs floors installed by Prestige Flooring. I had our downstairs floors done approximately 5 years ago with German Flooring in Rancho Cordova. I was delighted to find out that they opened a sister company in Fairfield Ca called Prestige Flooring. It was a no brainer to use them since I was very happy with the price, craftsmanship, and professionalism their parent company had used on my downstairs floors. Prestige Flooring and their sister company German Flooring are amazing!
- Christopher C.

We recently had a house fire and paid two visits today to look through the flooring samples. Prestige Flooring is used quite often in our family property renovations for flooring, so being continuous returning customers speaks for itself on this business. When we went today we were greeted right away by a guy named Ernest. He was very knowledgeable, courteous & respectful. After speaking with him about everything he will be drawing up some quotes, and we were able to bring some samples home to view in the home. We are very pleased with the service here, and highly recommend them!
- Staci C.

Amazing floor work by the installation team. Fast! Cranked out about 1k sq/ft of laminate wood flooring in a day. Love the attention to detail with the install team assigned to me. Alex (sales team) schooled me on the differences in flooring types. He was a pleasure to work with from selection, to scheduling, to execution on installation day. Highly recommended outfit.
- D. S.

I can not say enough great things about my experience with Daniel and the crew. The flooring selection is great, and the real wood prices are unbeatable. Our brand new house had builder-grade garbage, on signing day the crew from prestige was ON TIME, and ready to tear out. They were clean and neat. 4 days to do an entire house- fast and efficient
Gorgeous distressed dark wood called Old Boy.
- Seidi W.

Very impressed with the overall customer service with all Prestige’s employees. They get things done in a timely fashion weather it is the 5-star quality work they provide or an inquiry about billing. Highly recommend for your home or business projects.
- Ralph Anthony D.

Just finished our whole luxury vinyl house project! I have to say I am very pleased with the job, Daniel, the workers and the material. I will, however, suggest to buyers to ask (buy?) a whole box, not just the sample to bring home and layout. My first pick ended up having planks in the box much lighter tone that was not on the sample(and the sample was a good size). Had to stop the start of the project and pick another color. Daniel’s quote fit our budget and it included pulling and haul away of all the carpet. (We were going to do it ourselves). Overall, very satisfied.
- Vee M.

Was driving by and noticed a big flooring store I was in the market for flooring so I stopped in to take a look and was greeted by Alex the store manager I asked a couple of questions about the different floors he carried and asked him what floors would be good with 2 pet dogs he directed me to his 100% waterproof vinyl plank. Huge selection to choose from high quality and he gave me a great deal!! Awesome place and great customer service!! If you go in talk with Alex he’ll take care of you!
- Jim M.

I could not have been happier with the services Prestige Flooring provided. From their showroom to installation, everything happened without a hitch. The manager Daniel was courteous and helpful and the installers were professional and extremely detail-oriented and made certain to take pride in their work. I found their price to be very fair as well. I would recommend them to others and use their services in the future.
- Malaney R.

What a great place to go for flooring! Daniel the manager was very considerate of our time and gave us a great price! They went above and beyond to make sure we were happy! Highly recommended!
- Michael H.

Wow, Daniel helped us pick out a Spanish Tile floor for the entry and Kitchen, and his installation crews did a marvelous installation job. The floor looks great and very high at a bargain price. The installation was first class by excellent craftsmen! Now I’m going back to buy a laminate floor.
- Dennis L.

Aron was great to work with. He did everything he said he would do and more. From tear out to installation he was involved making sure we were happy. We would recommend prestige flooring to anyone shopping for floors.
- Kathy C.

Prestige Flooring in Yuba City is a shining beacon of light in an otherwise dark hole of flooring distributors in our area. Aaron, Alex and their team offer outstanding customer service, a high-quality product and skilled installation!! After having one of the “other flooring guys” come out and measure our home, not hearing from them for a week and feeling like we had to chase them down for an estimate we were beyond frustrated.

We stopped into Prestige on a Saturday and were treated respectfully, given a no-haggle price and a SAME DAY home measurement and estimate! Our beautiful new luxury vinyl plank and baseboards were installed on Wednesday that same week. Ironically, Prestige had our floors installed days before we even received an estimate from the other place, which came in WAY higher than we were told after they nickel and dimed for every little thing. We are pretty particular people, and we can’t find a single thing we don’t like about this install. It is truly FLAWLESS!!! The installers were friendly, professional, clean, quick, and highly skilled.

Prestige offers truth in pricing, what they tell you is what you will pay, no hidden “extras”. They offer a superior product at an amazing price and are fantastic to work with start to finish. A week after install, we received a follow-up call thanking us for being great customers and doing business with them. They go above and beyond to make sure their customers are happy! Just this week we asked them to come back to our home and tie in some flooring after we reconfigured our kitchen. They were done a couple of days after we reached out to them, and again it’s flawless!!! We could not be happier!

Stop feeling frustrated and wasting your time at other “discount flooring” places in Yuba City. Head over to Prestige, you will not regret it!!!

- Katee M.

Great job! Alex Filimon, store manager, is extremely professional. I could have gotten multiple estimates to maybe save a few bucks but I doubt it. The lower grade wood laminate flooring was about 100 sq ft short so Alex upgraded our order to the commercial-grade at cost. We saved a little bit and Prestige Flooring got a quick sale. Someone canceled so we moved up 2 weeks. We got our estimate on Saturday and our floor was installed on Wednesday. The installers were professional, courteous and didn’t waste time. Very pleased! Highly recommend Prestige Flooring and Alex Filimon.
- Chuck N.

My installation was just recently finished, and I am In LOVE!! These vinyl planks came out absolutely amazing.

John, at the YC store, is a sweetheart and did everything for us that we needed. He followed the project until the end. Even when I was texting him while he was in church!! Lol

Second shout out, the installers Abraham Hadzic and family!! The most amazing young people! Hardworking!!!!! I would recommend them to everyone. I wish all contractors were this great!

These two are 5 stars in my book!

- Ronda H.

Good price on laminate flooring and great customer service. Also, had them do quartz countertops for a client and both were done quickly and perfectly! Loved working with John.
-Sherry S.

Customers shaking hands with a Prestige Flooring team member during their in-home estimate.

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