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At German Flooring, we do things a little differently than other flooring retailers. We hand-select each product we offer to provide our customers with exclusive collections of high-quality products that they won’t find anywhere​ else. Each product is put through a rigorous system of quality checks and all the colors and styles are carefully planned to inspire our shoppers.

The German Flooring brand products meet a high level of quality to take the guesswork out of which floors will last and perform for years. All products are stocked by us and are readily available to send to you. Our brand and products are exclusive and we continue to work on unique selections year-round​ to provide the newest colors & styles to our customers.

Additionally, our prices are very competitive when comparing to similar quality products from other retailers. By cutting out the middle-man, we are able to pass on the wholesale savings directly to our customers which can save up hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Our staff is trained to provide the assistance needed for every step of your buying journey. We understand how confusing it can be and make it our mission to provide an enjoyable process whether you decide to shop at home, online, by phone or at our showroom.

We also provide top-notch flooring installation services to all the areas where we are located. All our installers are in-house, licensed experts who have vast experience in the flooring industry. Your flooring installation will be done right to achieve optimal long-term results.

Our story

It all started with one store in 2004. Stepan Gergi, the owner of German Flooring, had over 15 years of experience as a flooring installer prior to opening the German Flooring store and introducing German Flooring products to Sacramento, California.

From the start, he wanted to focus on three things: customer satisfaction, professional workmanship, and honest recommendations. Very quickly, the store in Sacramento grew and German Flooring started importing hundreds of various types of flooring products directly from overseas in the latest trends and styles. This allowed us to select the best quality products only and offer the customers very competitive prices by cutting out the middleman.

German Flooring is now able to serve West Coast with a mobile showroom that carries hundreds of flooring samples and travels across the region daily. We take pride in being able to provide personal consultations to our customers in the comfort of their own home. Flooring is not an everyday purchase and our new service has proven to be a great success in helping customers navigate through the different flooring choices with confidence.

Who We Are - Prestige Flooring
Who We Are - Prestige Flooring

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Start your flooring journey by requesting a free online quote or booking your free in-home estimate to browse and compare products at your own home. We guide our customers through the whole process from product selection to installation and all the details in-between. All our flooring products and installation services are backed by German Flooring Warranty.

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Who We Are - Prestige Flooring

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Who We Are - Prestige Flooring